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The Dollars and Sense of Contracting a Data Recovery Lab

Written by : Tony Moeini (New Biz Development Director,micronDR)
10th Apr 2007

It has become very real to have a disaster or a data loss situation where the IT Department or Vendor considers it  unrecoverable. Many Business have suffered Business loss even when they have a proper Business Continuity Plan. The reason being that our business have become very volatile and nature of business changes quite rapidly. 

No One Plan is able to keep with the changes in the usage of Data, verifying the Integrity of backup or even able to provide idiot proof plan protecting the user from Human errors or Data corruption. 

Solutions of Data backup or Never Fail cross over solutions cost thousands of dollars.

Downtime costs are staggering, for small and medium enterprise such data loss situations could end up wiping out their entire business. 

It has been seen statistically that for those business that are less than 10 years when subjected to a data loss situations within their first 5 years of existence could wipe out the entire business in the next 2 years. 

How does one become resilient to such disasters, there is no perfect solution that is available in the market that solves this problem. A Data Recovery Lab with Technology and Clean room availability could help find a quick turnaround situation for those businesses. 

Data Recovery can be very expensive and unproductive when one falls into the hands of VAR's or Small repair shops that profess to have data recovery capabilities. Not only do they charge large amounts for Data Recovery, the recovery rates are not as what they advertise due to lack of knowledge and infrastructure in providing the correct environment and the technology to get Data back. 

MicronDR has heavily invested in this area , to develop unique processes that were designed from existing primary technologies that the OEM's used to manufacture their very same devices that are now failing leading to a data loss situation. 

Just to name a few of the Key processes: 

Bit Map Transfer 

Surface Polish-Clean 


FM Pro Repair 

Spin Displacement