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MicronDR Offers Free Portable Drives for Recovered Data

MicronDR (S) Pte Ltd ( today announces that until November 30, 2007, all customers with mechanically damaged drives will get a free portable hard disk drive to store their recovered data.

This is an industry first as most disaster recovery vendors use DVDs to store recovered data. The new drive also comes with six months of free data recovery service. Currently, recovered data is stored in DVDs and sent to customers upon successful recovery. However, there were instances when the size of the recovered data amounts to over 160GB. Users had to provide their own hard disk drive as the DVD capacity is limited to 4.7GB each.

"The portable hard disk will serve both as a media to contain the recovered data and at the same time, function as an external hard disk," said Patrick Koh, Chief Executive Officer of micronDR (S) Pte Ltd. "We will match the size of the data with the hard disk. For instance, if the recovered data is about 90GB, we will offer 100GB storage."

This promotion covers only hard disk drives with mechanical problems. Those with logical problems do not need a new drive as they would have been repaired in the data recovery process. micronDR decided on this promotion to help customer save time in crisis so that they do not need to copy recovered data from multiple DVDs to their computer. Some corporate users may have more than 160GB of recovered data, which would take a long time to copy to their computers.

"It would be better for them to procure a portable hard disk for this purpose. However, raising a purchase order for the new portable hard disk may take several days. By offering a free portable hard disk drive, we offer our customers a hassle free approach to data recovery," said Mr Koh.