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MicronDR Sets Up Class 10 Clean Room for Data Recovery

Singapore, March 19, 2007 -- micronDR today announces the setting up of Southeast Asia’s first Class 10 certified clean room for data recovery in Singapore.

The clean room, located at micronDR’s premises in Senoko, will enable the opening up of hard drive without the risk of contamination during the intricate recovery process. “A single speck of dust can completely ruin the delicate platters that hold information. Our proprietary media rejuvenation process helps to make it possible to read damaged hard drives. In most cases, data recovery only allows one attempt before the media becomes totally unrecoverable,” said Patrick Koh, Chief Operating Officer of micronDR (S) Pte Ltd.

The only other companies to have such a sophisticated facility are hard disk drive manufacturers. “We are investing in such a top-notch facility because we recognize the importance of data to today’s businesses,” said Mr Koh. Besides data and disaster recovery services, micronDR also provides forensic services. Well-trained experts will analyze digital storage media to glean detailed information needed to recreate previous computer activities.

The company will assist in computer forensic data recovery investigations by providing electronic evidence discovery services performed by its forensics experts. micronDR has a network of partners spread out across Singapore to collect damaged media and route to the company within the same working day. Some of these partners are equipped with the technology to handle data recovery and will analyze the damaged media upon receipt. Hard disks with physical damages will be escalated to the clean room laboratory for repair. The data recovery specialist also has associates in more than 25 countries around the world. Each of these establishments is equipped with a laboratory to provide data recovery services. All the laboratories are managed and set up by micronDR to ensure consistency and quality in services.

“When data is lost, retrieval speed matters most. micronDR will do what it takes to recover data on any digital storage media quickly and cost effectively for enterprises and consumers,” said Mr Koh.

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